Now rent, hire or sell construction machines at the best prices.


Now turn your liabilities back into assets with Hire My Machine, the first of its kind online portal for any or all of your construction needs. Just register on our website and you can rent your idle machines on your terms or hire all type of construction machines at competitive prices. Besides this get other benefits like free hosting of machines for the first 3 months and pay only when you get business through us. Hurry, write you sucess story today.

Process Workflow

  • Step 1 Place Request By Machine Owner or Hirer.
  • Step 2 Hire My Machine Confirm with Owner for confirm avaliablity(SMS to Hirer)
  • Step 3Request Hirer for Hire My Machine for Services Fee.
  • Step 4 Hire My Machine Confirm Payment through Hirer (SMS to Owner).
  • Step 5 Confirm Payment from Owner (SMS to Hirer +Owner).
  • Step 6Hire My Machine Aggrement Process for Hand Shake.



How it Work


Story of Dev