At hiremymachine, we understand that you have an excellent and expensive range of machines but unfortunately some of them may not be fully utilised to their worth hence leaving them more like a liability than an asset.

Being a proud owner of such excellent machines can sometimes put you in a dilemma of owning a white elephant, while purchasing such excellent and expensive machines you never wanted/planned them to remain idle and turn into a liability; everyone hopes the problem will just go away on its own or they simply accept it and let the machine rust in the yard.

This is where hiremymachine steps in and provides you with a long term and well deserving solution.

We help you convert your assets turned liabilities back to assets , relief from pain, your worries into delight.

As we hail from the same nature of business, keeping in mind the painful areas, we have started this venture to provide you a solution hence taking the burden off your shoulder. We are not only armed with taking the burden off your shoulder but also capable of helping you earn some moolah through your stagnant and blocked assets.

Let me give you an insight about our venture


1. Idle Machines Back to work: Idle machines have unaccounted expenses. They are just eating into your profit margins or capital. You can put your machines on hire at our transparent and reliable portal and get them back to work.

2. Get Machines on Rent: In case you are looking for a particular machine for a specific task, you can leverage our services through this portal easily and for exactly the time period you require. So why invest in a new machine in these tough times? Just Hire.

3. Buy & sell Old Machines: In case hiring does not work for you, we can assist you in putting up your machines for sale as well, thus giving your machine a greater visibility to a very large audience. You no longer need to sell at throw away prices!!


We help you save your machines from getting rusted to be given to someone who is trusted. Our main concern and endeavour is to put your idle machines on hire and fetching their worth instead of being left with no option and letting them go waste.


In case you feel connected with any of the above points and think we could add value to your business and help you unburden yourself by taking the plunge into refining diamond out of coal, please reply with your contact details and a suitable time to call you for answering any queries you may have or help you sign up on the portal.



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